The Animé Habitué

Anime (or Animé) has, within the last 20 years become ubiquitously colloquially defined in most non-Japanese countries as animation originating in Japan. Such differentiation is mainly due to the popularity of the animated medium for a wide variety of television programming and motion picture entertainment in Japan, which goes far beyond the usual usage of animation in other contexts. The term thus also implies not only the distictive Japanese animation styles but the generally higher quality thereof and the type of story telling and general cultural content found in Japanese animation. It also serves to separate Japanese animation from the loaded context of the term "Cartoon". While some Anime could be considered Cartoons, there are many that definitely do not belong to that category. This is because many Anime are of a more mature and serious nature than what the definition of a Cartoon would allow for and are aimed at a completely different demographic. Furthermore many contain potentially objectional material of an often violent or sexual nature which would never usually be found in "western" cartoons.
A French term defined as; 1) a person who may be regularly found in or at a particular place or kind of place. 2) a devotee or fan, afficionado.
Animé Habitué
Thus is born the following definition; 1) A devotee or fan of Japanese animation, often found watching animé. 2) Paladin, the author of this site.

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